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Female Adoptee Searching For Siblings


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Female Adoptee Searching For Siblings

Birth Mother’s Name: Pauline Bräuner
Birth Mother’s Date/Place of Birth: 24 February 1924, Vienna, Austria
Her first marriage was to: Kurt Hermann Luckhardt (b. 16 Aug 1925); their possible address might have been: Bietigheimer Weg 13, Karlsruhe, and he might have owned a brewery or a bar.
Her last marriage was to: Heinz Rolf Rothfuss
Birth Mother Passed away on: 28 July 1992 in Karlsruhe, possibly living at Zahringerstrasse 55a, Karlsruhe, with Herr Rothfuss
Adoptee’s Maternal Grandmother: Frau Antonie Schwiebitzer-Bräuner

Looking for these Siblings:

Gisela, born 8 January 1947, in Karlsruhe
Hans Peter, born 14 July 1950, in Karlsruhe
Margarita, born 10 March 1955, in Karlsruhe

Their surnames are not known, and adoptee doesn’t know if the siblings were placed for adoption or if they remained with their mother.

The following people might know the family:
Frau Peterhansel, Karlsruhe
Heimfrid Leonardic, Klosestrasse 33, Karlsruhe, who was 34 in 1956
Joachim Hayn, Sophienstrasse 213, Karlsruhe, who was 35 in 1956.

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