Thursday, November 3, 2011

African American Father looking for son...

African American father (see photo) is looking for his German-born son.

Son was born in 1959 in Muenchen/Munich.

Mother's first name was Marian and was about 23 yrs old, and had black hair.

Birth dad was stationed at Henry Kasern, outside of Munich, and was 18 yrs old.

When birth dad was told about the son, the mom took the father to see his son, who was in an orphanage.

No further contact was had with son. It is unknown if the son was adopted or just placed in the orphanage temporarily.

If this sounds like YOUR story, please contact me at for more information. Case #111025.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Looking for General Taylor

CASE CLOSED 08/08/08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lady is looking for her father, General Edward (Eduard) Taylor
He was born around 1930, and possibly from Kentucky
He was stationed in Worms am Rhein in 1954/1955

If anyone knows him or has any information, please contact me!

CASE CLOSED 08/08/08!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an email from the lady I was helping:

Sunday, August 10, 2008 1:46:06 AM

Frau Henriette Cain hat es fertig gebracht, was ich in vielen Versuchen probiert habe, innerhalb von 14 Tagen meinen Vater in Amerika ausfindig zu machen. Ich wurde jedesmal über alle Neuigkeiten informiert und brauchte nur die mir gestellten Fragen soweit mir bekannt, zu beantworten. Ich bin und war überwältigt, wie schnell das ging. Ich und meine ganze Familie insbesonders meine Tochter bedanken uns recht herzlich für diese kompetente und freundliche Betreuung durch Frau Henriette Cain. Ich kann nur allen Suchenden diese Frau empfehlen und wünsche Ihr weiterhin von ganzem Herzen Gesundheit, damit Sie noch vielen vielen anderen Menschen so kompetent wie mir weiter helfen kann.Wir sagen Dankeschön.Liebe Grüsse Gabi

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Searching for Larry White/GA

Post #080208

This man is being looked for:

Larry White/Withe
He might have been from Camilla, Georgia
He might have been born between 1910 - 1925
He was in the Army, stationed in Eschwege in 1949/1950.
He knew a woman named Kate Petek.

Someone who knew either Larry or Kate, please contact:

Thank you if you can help!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Male Adoptee Seeking Father

Post #080108

Male Adoptee born in 1960 in Azay-Le-Riedau, France, to a German mother, is looking for his father.
Birth Father’s Name: Carl Turner
Birth Father was possibly born between 1925-1932 & might be from Maryland
Birth Father was in the service and was stationed in France between 1959-1961
Birth Mother’s Name: Sofie Bedburdick

If you have any information regarding this search, please contact:

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Searching for Birth Mother/Family

Post #082007

Female Adoptee Seeking Mother/Family

Birth Mother’s Name: Ingeborg Bohm
Last known Address: Munich
Adoptee born in 1949, Munich

More info is available if you know the above.

If this sounds familiar, please contact me….

Female Adoptee Searching For Siblings


Post # 070407

Female Adoptee Searching For Siblings

Birth Mother’s Name: Pauline Bräuner
Birth Mother’s Date/Place of Birth: 24 February 1924, Vienna, Austria
Her first marriage was to: Kurt Hermann Luckhardt (b. 16 Aug 1925); their possible address might have been: Bietigheimer Weg 13, Karlsruhe, and he might have owned a brewery or a bar.
Her last marriage was to: Heinz Rolf Rothfuss
Birth Mother Passed away on: 28 July 1992 in Karlsruhe, possibly living at Zahringerstrasse 55a, Karlsruhe, with Herr Rothfuss
Adoptee’s Maternal Grandmother: Frau Antonie Schwiebitzer-Bräuner

Looking for these Siblings:

Gisela, born 8 January 1947, in Karlsruhe
Hans Peter, born 14 July 1950, in Karlsruhe
Margarita, born 10 March 1955, in Karlsruhe

Their surnames are not known, and adoptee doesn’t know if the siblings were placed for adoption or if they remained with their mother.

The following people might know the family:
Frau Peterhansel, Karlsruhe
Heimfrid Leonardic, Klosestrasse 33, Karlsruhe, who was 34 in 1956
Joachim Hayn, Sophienstrasse 213, Karlsruhe, who was 35 in 1956.

U.S. Family Trying to Find This Girl

Post #080803

I am posting this for some friends in Germany -- Dr. Leroy u Helga Kornegay.

In the pictures to the right, there is a little girl, who would now be around 40 years old.

The girl's family in the U.S. is looking for her.

The girl's mother's name might be Hannelore Winkel, but that is not certain.
These pictures were taken in 1966 at OktoberFest in Munich.

If anyone can identify the girl in the picture, please contact me at:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Searching for Siblings


Adopted sister is looking for her two brothers.
Birthmother's name: Gisela Elsa Mueller, passed away around 1984.
Family's last known address: 5B Herbert Hoover Strasse, Heilbronn.
Brother's birth names are:
Georg Mueller, who would be around 56 years old
Rolf Helmut Mueller who would be around 52 years old.
It is unknown if they were adopted.
The adoptee was adopted from a Catholic orphanage in Stuttgart, and she was born in 1954.

If this is familiar, please contact me at: